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DigiSight Vision Inspection

The DigiSight system from Peninsular Technologies sets itself apart from its competitors based on a simple principle: tunnel vision doesn't cut it in the global manufacturing environment. DigiSight has been designed to talk and share inspection data with operations throughout the plant — from processing and assembly to inventory control and shipping.

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Packaging Applications

  • Label inspection (placement, scratched, flagged, UPC, 2D, correct label, item number, pattern matching)
  • Capping (missing cap, cap position)
  • Fill level (min/max)
  • Empty bottle (neck finish, height, tilt, blisters, bubbles, dirt in plastic, mold number)
  • Date Codes (Optical character recognition (OCR); Optical Character Validation (OCV); pattern matching, placement)
  • Case Packing (complete case/jams)
  • Palletizing (case codes, case graphics, pallet patterns, jams)
  • Raw product (size, shape, color, imperfections)
  • Custom inspection applications



Industries Served

  • Food Processing
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Home Care
  • Consumer Goods
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Raw Product

Whether 5 Parts Per Minute or 1500, DigiSight can meet your needs.


  • Immediately flag potential packaging defects
  • Lower product liability risk
  • Reduce wasted product
  • Reduce customer returns



Flexible Installation and Factory-Ready Components

The DigiSight cameras are housed in NEMA 4x/IP65 polycarbonate back loading units and mounted on movable armatures for full range of vision/motion flexibility. Camera lenses are protected from manufacturing floor elements with a clear polycarbonate cap screwed on the front camera casing. Lens adjustments can be made without removing the camera from the sealed unit.

Mounting arms are able to tilt up and down, move parallel and perpendicular to the legs, and support different combinations of cameras and lights. Camera assembly is able to rotate and move vertically on the secondary arm.

Installations include: fine tuning, testing, validation of system performance, Operation Qualification and Performance Qualification (OQ, PQ), System Acceptance Testing (SAT), and training of selected employees.

DigiSight Components


  • Web-based Process Management Systems
  • Centralized Inspection Data Storage
  • Real Time Inspection Monitoring
  • Integration with Customer Applications
  • NEMA 4x/IP65 Rated Enclosures
  • Infinitely Adjustable Bracket System
  • Custom Mounting
  • Reject Systems
  • Flexible Operator Station

Replacement parts are available directly from Peninsular Technologies.


Operator Training

No computer experience is required to operate DigiSight's Windows-based touch screen. Training is provided at installation, and on-going technical support is offered 24/7 (first 90 days online support included in system price). A hard manual is provided with each installation.

Accuracy and Scalability

System will be designed to meet your quality specifications and future growth needs.

Licensing and Warranty

Individual system license and 12 month conditional warranty included in system purchase price.