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The DigiSightPT system from Peninsular Technologies sets itself apart from its competitors based on a simple principle: tunnel vision doesn't cut it in the video analysis environment. DigiSightPT has been designed to fully integrate the whole picture - providing in-depth technical and tactical examination of all aspects of Performance Analysis. The system is ideally suited for evaluating performance and progress of:

  • Physical therapy patients during recovery
  • Athletes (gait/stride of runners; golf swing, tennis serve, volleyball serve, baseball/softball hitting/pitching; scorer kick)
  • Older adults with limited range of motion
  • Physically challenged children and adults

After all, what good is a highly accurate vision motion system if it doesn't capture every angle to be used for analysis? We invite you to "see for yourself" what DigiSightPT can do within your own physical therapy and motion analysis operations.


DigiSightPT Features

Easy to use - DigiSightPT is built for therapists, trainers, and coaches, not the IT department. Technical support and maintenance packages are available. All support is performed by our in-house engineers (first 90 days online support included in system price). A User manual and Quick-Start guides are provided with each system to get you up and running quickly.

Stable - Peninsular Technologies has been designing and building vision based software and hardware systems for over 10 years. Our systems are in use throughout the United States and Canada.

Patented - Our patented random access feature allows you to tag individual video events, keeping specific notes for further analysis and comparison.

Analyst's Toolkit - The analyst can use any of the included tools: horizontal lines, vertical lines, grid patterns, and angle measurement. Other capabilities include the ability to review side-by-side videos of two different recording sessions. This is a powerful tool to help guide the client during rehabilitation and measure progress between video sessions.

Licensing and Warranty - Individual system license and 12 month conditional warranty included in system purchase price.


Standard Components


  • Desktop Computer - Windows XP Professional Operating System
  • Core 2 Quad processor
  • Separate Video Ram Memory
  • Hard Disk Drive Internal storage
  • DVD R/RW Video Burner
  • Wide Screen LCD Monitor
  • DigiSightPT Software Package pre-installed
  • Entire system tested in-house, before we ship it to you
  • Four High Speed Digital Cameras, industrial housing, c-mount lenses, self powered, 480 MB/second USB 2.0 communication interface
  • Four Zoom Lenses for variable distance recording
  • Four Camera Tripods
  • All required camera cabling
  • User Manual
  • Full manufacturers warranties

System customization and replacement parts are available directly from Peninsular Technologies and subject to change as technology improves. Click here to download a PDF of our DigiSight Sales Brochure.