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PipeTech® Conversion

Digital Video Technology is, relatively speaking, a recent phenomenon. Many of our PipeTech® customers and end users of PipeTech®-generated data also possess an archive of analog inspection data, or data that was generated using a different inspection interface. Conversion Services offers a professional and convenient method of transferring those records into the current PipeTech® format. Whether you have ten or ten thousand inspections, the Conversion Services staff is here to meet your needs... and your budget.

Each project for our PipeTech® users is unique. Every customer is faced with specific parameters, sometimes due to project specifications or a fiscal budget. We offer very general PipeTech® conversion packages, but we understand that these may be tailored to the specific job at hand. To receive a price estimate or to discuss your own project's parameters in detail, please contact Peninsular Technologies or email the Conversion Services Department directly.

"Standard" PipeTech® Conversion Package

This package tends to fit the needs of most customers and allows for archived inspection data to be integrated with current digital inspections using the PipeTech® Software Suite. It includes...

  • Existing structure information and operator observations converted to the PipeTech® database format based on a current data template
  • Videotape, DVD, or other video data converted to a PipeTech®-compatible video file format
  • Data and video merged and saved to an external hard drive or DVD


"Start and End Structure" PipeTech® Conversion

Some archived footage may lack observation information completely, or a customer may wish to re-visit those inspections for re-coding. For this reason, we offer an alternative to the "standard" PipeTech® Conversion Package where only the start and ending structures (if available) are coded. Any existing header information is transferred as well, making these inspections searchable using the library functions of PipeTech® View.

"Footage Only" Digital Video Conversion

Want to simply get rid of those videotapes and place them on an internal server? Or perhaps the associated data for those old inspections is not worth saving? We also offer bare-bones "footage-only" digital video transfer of your archived footage. Inspections are separated into distinct video files which can be stored on a computer or on DVD for archival purposes or for later perusal. This option does not include conversion of existing data or observations; therefore the footage would require importation into the PipeTech® Software Suite as a "new" inspection.

Specialty PipeTech® Inspection Re-Coding

The advent of NASSCO's PACP coding standardization has drastically changed the industry in recent years. Some archived footage - or even recent inspection data - may not be in a required PACP format. Luckily, both Peninsular Technologies' Conversion Services and PipeTech® Support departments are staffed with PACP-certified operators and trainers. Put our coding skills to the test and add fresh PACP-standard coding to your inspection videos, or convert previous observation data to PACP format. This allows archived footage to be merged with existing PACP data or be exported to the PACP Exchange Database. Converted inspections can also be graded per PACP standards and compared to more recent inspections, showing structural depreciation over time.