Peninsular Technologies

Other Professional Services

Conversion Services is not limited to working solely with Peninsular Technologies' software packages. Put our digital workstations to the test and take advantage of our many other services. Our staff represents more than a decade of experience in digital audio / video editing and engineering as well as XHTML and CSS coding. Our facilities can be used for film preservation, digital archiving, video web applications, and more. No job is too great or too small.

Digital Archiving and Software Solutions

Looking for a solution to your media archives? Looking to make them more easily accessible and retrieveable? Conversion Services is your digital archiving solution. Working with microfiche? Architect drawings? Court papers and manuscripts? Let us show you how to make those documents instantly available, searchable, and fully indexed... all at the click of a button.

Film Preservation

While photographic and motion picture film holds up fairly well over time, it can easily be damaged by moisture, mold, heat, and a number of other environmental factors. Preserve your film archives digitally and even repair discoloration and other issues at Peninsular Technologies.

Digital Retrieval and Web Applications

Once your media is in a digital format, the possibilities are endless. Looking for a web application for audio / video streaming or page-by-page document access? Perhaps you are seeking a unique method of promoting an emerging athlete to university coaches across the country? Put your project into the hands of the software experts at Peninsular.